Artistic research and ongoing work, since 2022

The Ritual Within is an ongoing artistic, somatic and relational research. It is an inquiry into the soma and the senses, and what it might mean in the current world to find, pursue and share rituals of one’s own.

The basis of the work are five intimate personal rituals - somatic meditations, body and voice practices - which I have developed and practiced over years as a means to ground, center, mend, (re-)connect and attune to myself, my human and more-than-human environment.
Aiming to create simple and easily accessible, yet always immersive formats, The Ritual Within sets out to share these rituals, to make them perceivable, encounterable, and hopefully recycable. Questions and demands of belonging and contribution, of hosting and care, repair and healing arise, and the necessities needed to meet them are at the core of developing each format and manifestation.

As an ongoing work I understand The Ritual Within to have possibly infinite iterations. It appears as sound installation, performance, one-on-one-encounter, shared group practice, intuitive drawings, audio guide and many more.

For works from THE RITUAL WITHIN please see Parts And Places , Breathing Room, The Wanting Bush