Sound Installation & Live-Performance from THE RITUAL WITHIN

A ritual of piecing the body to whole - Parts and Places is a ritual in which I sing, sound and breathe for different parts of my body, which need attention, mending or consoling, or that simply want to be alive.

The installation offers an audience to be part, rest, and/or participate in this ritual: In an island of cushions small speakers are dispersed, playing recordings of the ritual. Visitors are invited to lie down, rest, come close to the speakers, play with them, put them on different body parts and feel their vibration, sing, sound, breathe, yawn themselves. For the live-performance, a circle of upright speakers is placed around the cushion island. I myself am seated on a small island in front of the circle and share the ritual with the audience. I record myself live, distributing my sounds on the speakers surrounding the island. Again the audience is invited to rest in the sound, feel its vibrations, and either simply receive or participate themselves.

Premiered February 18th, 2023 at Hellerau - European Center of the Arts

Creation, Voice and Performance: Christine Börsch-Supan
Production: Christine Börsch-Supan and Hellerau - European Center of the Arts 
Production and Performance Assistant: Phillip Staffa

Parts and Places was also shown as Live Performance and Participative Group Practice at LAKE Studios Anniversary Festival, Berlin, June 29th 2023