Dance Piece for Intergenerational Ensemble

We become a pack of dogs
a bunch of caterpillars
a dark, dark lake
and gusts of wind

For the re-member team, which is made up of people from different generations from the age of 8, dealing with their own reflexes and strategies of self-protection was the starting point for a physical exploration of fear and trust at the beginning of the rehearsal period in November 2019. They were looking for an absolutely open physical togetherness and its possibilities of offering connection and safety. A lot has changed since then. After a four-month rehearsal break, a postponed premiere and corona-related distance rules, the search for ways of meeting each other has expanded to a search for encounters with other living beings and non-living existences.

In different forms and games of remembering the performers bring themselves into other states and times. Where are the boundaries between reality and dreams, everyday life and magic, living and non-living? And how far back can we remember?

Premiered September 17th, 2020 at Kampnagel Hamburg

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Teresa Hoffmann & Lina Hoehne 
Music and Music Performance: Christine Boersch Supan 
Dramaturgy: Claude Jansen
Dance and Co-Creation: Natascha Golubtsova, Teresa Hoffmann, Ume Horikoshi, Clara Marie Mueller & Kadysha N`Diaye
Stage design: Stefan Pinl 
Textile design: Nicole Kiersz

Trailer Remember from Teresa Hoffmann on Vimeo.