Space Choreography / 8-Channel Live Voice Installation

The myth of Narcissus and Echo from Ovid’s Metamorphoses unfolds in movements consisting of gazes and words: Echo, watching Narcissus, but does not speak to him, instead can only listen and repeat what has been said to her, Narcissus, gazing at his reflection, which can look back at him, but cannot speak. Looking at and being looked at, speaking and hearing, which become intertwined with each other, miss each other, answer each other, swinging back and forth in parallel, these are the fundamental movements of Narziss Echo.

Premiered March 16-18, 2017 at imagetanz Festival Wien

Idea and Realisation: Moritz Majce and Sandra Man
Voice: Christine Boersch-Supan
Dance: Charlie Fouchier
Production: Katharina Wallisch