Immersive Concert Installation

Darkness is the place of formation.
From her we sprout and grow.
In darkness our senses are sharpened.
Our curiosity, our freedom is infinite.

This collaborative work by Berlin band Hope and space choreographer Moritz Majce explores the immersive potential of music. Four musicians and the audience share a space. Sheltered by darkness and in their physical experience of sound and light the audience is free in their movements and decisions.
A concert that is sculpture, community space, and uterus at the same time.

Premiered August 17th, 2018 at Pop-Kultur Festival, Berlin

Idea and Realisation: Christine Boersch-Supan + Hope 
Video and Space: Moritz Majce
Performance and Composition: Hope
Voice: Christine Boersch-Supan
Guitar: Phillip Staffa
Synthesizer: Martin Knorz
Drums: Fabian Hoenes
Light: Frank Grunert
Sound: Kilian Brand
Production: Kathrin Mueller for Pop-Kultur Festival Berlin

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